Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, Reality Farm dates to 1753. For over 250 years, the farm has enjoyed a rich agricultural history due to its fertile soils and pure water. During the Civil War, it was variously a Confederate outpost as well as a Union cavalry encampment. Located just 65 miles from Washington DC, the farm is situated within 30 minutes of tourist attractions, historical sites, and national parks.

Under the current ownership, Reality Farm, Inc produces natural beef, goats, chickens and pigs. Our animals feed from our pesticide and chemical free pastures. We do not use hormones and antibiotics except for extraordinary treatment of an individual animal. While we are not an “organic” producer, we strive to follow the same guidelines for plant and animal husbandry. Animal health is closely monitored, and while the free and open pastures they enjoy contributes to their health and vigor, occasionally an animal injures itself and requires veterinary attention. The milk or meat from such an animal is never utilized until the medication is out of their system.