IMG_0011Unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk from our grass-fed cows and goats contains a high quantity of vital nutrients and enzymes with many beneficial health effects. Check our product offerings as they change seasonally!

Our milking station is clean and strictly sanitized before and after each milking session. Milk is refrigerated immediately from the cow/goat and kept at an ideal temperature until delivery in 1/2 gallon Mason jars.  Bottles are washed in 180°  F water in an industrial bottle washer prior to filling. Milking equipment is flushed and cleaned with a strong detergent, bleach, acid solution and 180° F water to maintain the hygiene standards for raw milk.

In Virginia, raw milk is available to consumers who enter into a herd share contract with their farmer. Owners purchase a share of a cow or goat herd from Reality Farm, Inc. and pay a fee per gallon for boarding, caring for, and milking their animal. They then obtain their milk at the farm or drop-points throughout Northern Virginia, including Reston, Front Royal, Leesburg, Vienna, Manassas, and Falls Church. There is a $0.50/gallon delivery charge for deliveries further than 25 miles from Washington, VA.

IMG_0009Currently, a share is $25.00 and entitles the owner to one gallon of milk per week.  Boarding fees are $9.00/gallon for cow milk and $10.00/gallon for goat milk.  Half shares are also available.  Customers must also provide four 1/2 gallon Mason jars which can be either purchased from Reality Farm or from retail stores such as WalMart or Southern States.  Two jars are delivered with milk, and two jars are sanitized and filled for the following delivery.  Empty jars are returned to the drop site for transport to the farm.

Multiple shares are available as well, and the farm strives to maintain a consistent cow milk output throughout the year.  Goat milk, on the other hand, is available only from approximately March through October, when the goats get pregnant and dry up until the spring kidding season.  Reality Farm will buy back any unused shares from customers who no longer wish to participate in the herd share program.

Please contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Herd Shares

What does a share cost?

Each share of the herd costs $25.00. Partial shares are available. This is a one time fee.

Are other fees associated with the herd share program?

Customers are responsible for providing four 1/2 gallon Mason jars for the milk delivery. For those customers outside of a 25 mile radius from Reality Farm, there is a $0.50/gallon delivery fee to help offset transportation costs.

What is maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee is $9.00 gallon for cow and $10.00 gallon for goat milk.  It compensates Reality Farm for the herd’s care, feeding and milking.

What will it cost me to enter into the herd (cow) share program assuming quarterly billing?

One Share = $25.00

4 Mason jars = $12.00

12 weeks milk = $108.00

12 weeks delivery = $6.00

Total for 1st Quarter = $151.00

Recurrent charges for subsequent quarters = $114.00

How many shares can I buy?

Participants in the herd share program have purchased anywhere from 1/2 share to 10 shares.  In theory, as long as there is milk available, there is no limit to the number of shares that may be purchased.

What happens if I must quit the herd share program?

Reality Farm will buy back your shares, with an advanced notice of 30 days.

If I must stop taking milk for a period of time, such as for vacation travel, am I still charged the maintenance fee?

Reality Farm only charges for milk that is delivered. If you need to stop deliveries for any period of time, let us know at least a day in advance.

I will have visitors in town and need more milk than that covered by my shares. Do I need to purchase additional shares?

For temporary increased milk deliveries, Reality Farm does not require the purchase of additional shares or bottles. You will only be charged for delivered milk.

How do I pay for the milk?

We prefer to invoice on a quarterly basis (January –March, April – June, July – September, October – December) to reduce administrative time, but we will gladly make arrangements for more frequent payment schedules.  Payment by check is preferred, but we accept PayPal, Credit Cards and Money Orders.  Quarterly fees are based on the number of weekly deliveries, as some quarters have 13 weeks, others 12. Payment details are finalized upon execution of herd share contracts.

What else is required of me?

Empty jars and lids should be cleaned and returned each week.

Do you have yogurt, butter, cream and cheese available?

Yogurt, butter, cream and cheese are typically available only during late spring and summer when we have surplus milk production.  Please call for availability as we process these products anytime we have a surplus cow or goat milk supply.

Goats awaiting milking

Goat Herd Shares

Our goat herd share program is similar to the cow herd share program described above.  Two major differences are the maintenance fee for goat milk is $10.00/Share and milk is available only from March thru October  due to the goat’s gestation period and breeding synchronization. Please contact us for availability.